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Carol McCook from Aalborg, Denmark
Hi, I'm Carol McCook, 47  
I'm currently in Aarhus, Denmark  
Irina Prizhimova from Voronezh, Russia
Hi, I'm Irina Prizhimova, 61  
I'm currently in Voronezh, Russia  
Rashda Din from Manchester, England
Hi, I'm Rashda Din, 36  
I'm currently in Manchester, England  
Shanda Sam from Melbourne, Australia
Hi, I'm Shanda Sam, 38  
I'm currently in Melbourne, Australia  
Lainda Westerhof from Oranjestad, Aruba
Hi, I'm Lainda Westerhof, 33  
I'm currently in Oranjestad, Aruba  
Sonia Canhoto from Camberley, England
Hi, I'm Sonia Canhoto, 36  
I'm currently in London, England  
Arkteia Atrizy from Nicosia, Cyprus
Hi, I'm Arkteia Atrizy, 59  
I'm currently in Nicosia, Cyprus  
Iris Chong from Singapore, Singapore
Hi, I'm Iris Chong, 28  
I'm currently in Singapore, Singapore  
Ellie Roberts from Lancaster, England
Hi, I'm Ellie Roberts, 29  
I'm currently in Cherbourg-Octeville, France  
Mélina White from Montréal, Canada
Hi, I'm Mélina White, 30  
I'm currently in Montréal, Canada