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Rosi do Amaral from Joinville, Brazil
Hi, I'm Rosi do Amaral, 61  
I'm currently in Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil  
Rosana Rosana from Cascais, Portugal
Hi, I'm Rosana Rosana, 36  
I'm currently in Cascais, Portugal  
Sherry Barto from Pleasanton, United States
Hi, I'm Sherry Barto, 55  
I'm currently in Pleasanton, United States  
Ana Domingues from São Paulo, Brazil
Hi, I'm Ana Domingues, 25  
I'm currently in São Paulo, Brazil  
Jenny Summers from Singapore, Singapore
Hi, I'm Jenny Summers, 38  
I'm currently in Singapore, Singapore  
Nelitza Oduber from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hi, I'm Nelitza Oduber, 34  
I'm currently in Amsterdam, Netherlands  
Ashlee Chiasson from Montague, Canada
Hi, I'm Ashlee Chiasson, 27  
I'm currently in Montague, Canada  
Tatiana Aristakisian from Volgograd, Russia
Hi, I'm Tatiana Aristakisian, 53  
I'm currently in Volgograd, Russia  
Amanda Caldwell from Vancouver, Canada
Hi, I'm Amanda Caldwell, 31  
I'm currently in Vancouver, Canada  
Justina Milfred from Perth, Australia
Hi, I'm Justina Milfred, 39  
I'm currently in Perth, Australia