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Natalie Johnson from The Woodlands, United States
Hi, I'm Natalie Johnson, 29  
I'm currently in The Woodlands, United States  
Nisham Gill from Blackpool, England
Hi, I'm Nisham Gill, 31  
I'm currently in Blackpool, England  
Prisca Redhead from Glendale, United States
Hi, I'm Prisca Redhead, 54  
I'm currently in Couva, Trinidad & Tobago  
OndakiteHtml Cm from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hi, I'm OndakiteHtml Cm, 45  
I'm currently in São Paulo, Brazil  
Dr. Amy from West Palm Beach, United States
Hi, I'm Dr. Amy, 50  
I'm currently in West Palm Beach, United States  
VannyLM Lm from London, England
Hi, I'm VannyLM Lm, 49  
I'm currently in Stratford, England  
Stephanie Figueiredo from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Hi, I'm Stephanie Figueiredo, 18  
I'm currently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
Елена Ананьина from Khabarovsk, Russia
I'm currently in Khabarovsk, Russia  
Melissa Lee from Newcastle, Australia
Hi, I'm Melissa Lee, 37  
I'm currently in Newcastle, Australia  
Danu Sakale from Kaunas, Lithuania
Hi, I'm Danu Sakale, 65  
I'm currently in Rakkestad, Norway  
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