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Наталья Корабельникова from Novosibirsk, Russia
Diana Valentin from San José, Puerto Rico
Hi, I'm Diana Valentin, 57  
I'm currently in San José, Puerto Rico (US)  
Amirra Eloa from Pyatigorsk, Russia
Hi, I'm Amirra Eloa, 43  
I'm currently in Pyatigorsk, Russia  
Tatyana Dzhulay from Moscow, Russia
Hi, I'm Tatyana Dzhulay, 49  
I'm currently in Moscow, Russia  
Nataliya Lepilova from Vladivostok, Russia
Hi, I'm Nataliya Lepilova, 54  
I'm currently in Vladivostok, Russia  
Tatyana Belousova from Voronezh, Russia
Hi, I'm Tatyana Belousova, 43  
I'm currently in Voronezh, Russia  
Elena Marshal from Moscow, Russia
Hi, I'm Elena Marshal, 54  
I'm currently in Moscow, Russia  
Elena Demina from Yekaterinburg, Russia
Hi, I'm Elena Demina, 50  
I'm currently in Yekaterinburg, Russia  
Margarita Bondar from Novorossiysk, Russia
Hi, I'm Margarita Bondar, 36  
I'm currently in Novorossiysk, Russia  
Bibiana C Bvumbura from Penza, Russia
Hi, I'm Bibiana C Bvumbura, 20  
I'm currently in Penza, Russia