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Sheshina Marina from Balakovo, Russia
Hi, I'm Sheshina Marina, 56  
I'm currently in Saratov, Russia  
Юлия Кабанова from Zverëvo, Russia
I'm currently in Rostov-on-Don, Russia  
Juliester Ortiz from Carolina, Puerto Rico
Hi, I'm Juliester Ortiz, 39  
I'm currently in Carolina, Puerto Rico (US)  
Elena Demina from Yekaterinburg, Russia
Hi, I'm Elena Demina, 49  
I'm currently in Yekaterinburg, Russia  
Margarita Bangalore from Vladivostok, Russia
Hi, I'm Margarita Bangalore, 31  
I'm currently in Vladivostok, Russia  
Liudmila Solovieva from Nakhodka, Russia
Hi, I'm Liudmila Solovieva, 54  
I'm currently in Nakhodka, Russia  
Kristina Shine from Kazan, Russia
Hi, I'm Kristina Shine, 29  
I'm currently in Kazan, Russia  
Svetlana Sun from Omsk, Russia
Hi, I'm Svetlana Sun, 36  
I'm currently in Omsk, Russia  
Victoria Beløva from Moscow, Russia
Hi, I'm Victoria Beløva, 51  
I'm currently in Moscow, Russia  
Алена Попович from Samara, Russia
I'm currently in Krasnodar, Russia