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Jessika Soto from Humacao, Puerto Rico
Hi, I'm Jessika Soto, 40  
I'm currently in Humacao, Puerto Rico (US)  
Кривошеева Татьяна from Astrakhan, Russia
I'm currently in Astrakhan, Russia  
Svetlana Shmidt from Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Hi, I'm Svetlana Shmidt, 66  
I'm currently in Krasnoyarsk, Russia  
Victoria Kuznetsova from Pyatigorsk, Russia
Hi, I'm Victoria Kuznetsova, 44  
I'm currently in Pyatigorsk, Russia  
Elena Belova from Moscow, Russia
Hi, I'm Elena Belova, 51  
I'm currently in Moscow, Russia  
Katarina Krek from Kotor, Montenegro
Hi, I'm Katarina Krek, 32  
I'm currently in Kotor, Montenegro  
Nathaly Koeiman from Willemstad, Curacao
Hi, I'm Nathaly Koeiman, 53  
I'm currently in Willemstad, Curacao  
Lourdes Medina from Quebradillas, Puerto Rico
Hi, I'm Lourdes Medina, 36  
I'm currently in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico (US)  
Наталья Диденко from Kharkiv, Ukraine
I'm currently in Kharkiv, Ukraine  
Irina Babaeva from Stavropol, Russia
Hi, I'm Irina Babaeva, 54  
I'm currently in Stavropol, Russia