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Tóth Enikő from Berettyóújfalu, Hungary
Hi, I'm Tóth Enikő, 37  
I'm currently in Berettyóújfalu, Hungary  
Alba Rodríguez from Santa Fe, Argentina
Hi, I'm Alba Rodríguez, 64  
I'm currently in Santa Fe, Argentina  
FJuRa FJuRa from Valletta, Malta
Hi, I'm FJuRa FJuRa, 51  
I'm currently in Valletta, Malta  
Madelein Delport from Centurion, South Africa
Hi, I'm Madelein Delport, 26  
I'm currently in Centurion, South Africa  
Morgan Shaver from Minneapolis, United States
Hi, I'm Morgan Shaver, 23  
I'm currently in Minneapolis, United States  
Cher Anderson from Edmonton, Canada
Hi, I'm Cher Anderson, 41  
I'm currently in Edmonton, Canada  
Yukari Ta from Nagasaki, Japan
Hi, I'm Yukari Ta, 54  
I'm currently in Nagasaki, Japan  
Vera Huerto from Camden Town, England
Hi, I'm Vera Huerto, 87  
I'm currently in Camden Town, England  
Emma Dodd from Derby, England
Hi, I'm Emma Dodd, 42  
I'm currently in Derby, England  
Sanja Močinić from Zagreb, Croatia
Hi, I'm Sanja Močinić, 47  
I'm currently in Zagreb, Croatia