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Irina Prizhimova from Voronezh, Russia
Hi, I'm Irina Prizhimova, 60  
I'm currently in Voronezh, Russia  
Natascha Levi from London, England
Hi, I'm Natascha Levi, 69  
I'm currently in London, England  
Xana Demy from Kyiv, Ukraine
Hi, I'm Xana Demy, 35  
I'm currently in Kyiv, Ukraine  
Lorena Favela from Las Vegas, United States
Hi, I'm Lorena Favela, 35  
I'm currently in Las Vegas, United States  
Liudmila Vaitkus from Vyborg, Russia
Hi, I'm Liudmila Vaitkus, 57  
I'm currently in Vyborg, Russia  
Paula Murphy from Toronto, Canada
Hi, I'm Paula Murphy, 35  
I'm currently in Toronto, Canada  
Veda McDaniel from Tacoma, United States
Hi, I'm Veda McDaniel, 43  
I'm currently in Tacoma, United States  
Ana Vieira from Manaus, Brazil
Hi, I'm Ana Vieira, 50  
I'm currently in Manaus, Brazil  
Cassandria White from St Louis, United States
Hi, I'm Cassandria White, 63  
I'm currently in St Louis, United States  
Elisangela Mariano from São Paulo, Brazil
Hi, I'm Elisangela Mariano, 33  
I'm currently in São Paulo, Brazil