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Gulser Ahmed from Haskovo, Bulgaria
Hi, I'm Gulser Ahmed, 47  
I'm currently in Haskovo, Bulgaria  
Raquel Sales from Natal, Brazil
Hi, I'm Raquel Sales, 31  
I'm currently in Natal, Brazil  
Aneta Najdanovska from Skopje, Macedonia
Hi, I'm Aneta Najdanovska, 50  
I'm currently in Skopje, Macedonia  
Katia Vdk from Knokke, Belgium
Hi, I'm Katia Vdk, 38  
I'm currently in Knokke, Belgium  
Myrna Stainer from Porto Alegre, Brazil
Hi, I'm Myrna Stainer, 52  
I'm currently in Porto Alegre, Brazil  
Jan Baryter from Soperton, United States
Hi, I'm Jan Baryter, 41  
I'm currently in Soperton, United States  
Vikki Dolphin from Shellharbour, Australia
Hi, I'm Vikki Dolphin, 38  
I'm currently in Shellharbour, Australia  
Tamara Philip from Seattle, United States
Hi, I'm Tamara Philip, 55  
I'm currently in Seattle, United States  
Jen Simpson from Gold Coast, Australia
Hi, I'm Jen Simpson, 35  
I'm currently in Gold Coast, Australia  
Hilda Koyanagi from Kasugai, Japan
Hi, I'm Hilda Koyanagi, 58  
I'm currently in Kasugai, Japan  
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