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Ekaterina B. from Moscow, Russia
Hi, I'm Ekaterina B., 49  
I'm currently in Moscow, Russia  
Sophie Cooper from Sheffield, England
Hi, I'm Sophie Cooper, 27  
I'm currently in Sheffield, England  
Kate Eagles from Mooloolaba, Australia
Hi, I'm Kate Eagles, 63  
I'm currently in Mooloolaba, Australia  
Stella Battistini from Arroyito, Argentina
Hi, I'm Stella Battistini, 65  
I'm currently in Córdoba, Argentina  
Ingrid Buttner from Los Angeles, United States
Hi, I'm Ingrid Buttner, 76  
I'm currently in Los Angeles, United States  
Sara Dat from Wollongong, Australia
Hi, I'm Sara Dat, 30  
I'm currently in Wollongong, Australia  
Mar Puga from Granada, Spain
Hi, I'm Mar Puga, 44  
I'm currently in Granada, Spain  
Galambos Ágnes from Budapest, Hungary
Hi, I'm Galambos Ágnes, 64  
I'm currently in Budapest, Hungary  
Irles Messias from Recife, Brazil
Hi, I'm Irles Messias, 44  
I'm currently in Rome, Italy  
Sylwia Drobna from Dresden, Germany
Hi, I'm Sylwia Drobna, 29  
I'm currently in Dresden, Germany