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Ewelina Szczerba from Wroclaw, Poland
Hi, I'm Ewelina Szczerba, 33  
I'm currently in Wrocław, Poland  
Xana Demy from Kyiv, Ukraine
Hi, I'm Xana Demy, 35  
I'm currently in Kyiv, Ukraine  
DemcSak Katalin from Szeged, Hungary
Hi, I'm DemcSak Katalin, 49  
I'm currently in Uppsala, Sweden  
Doina Munteanu from Chisinau, Moldova
Hi, I'm Doina Munteanu, 33  
I'm currently in Chişinău, Moldova  
Adele Nikolopoulou from Sheffield, England
Hi, I'm Adele Nikolopoulou, 48  
I'm currently in Sheffield, England  
Luiza Lengyel from Budapest, Hungary
Hi, I'm Luiza Lengyel, 44  
I'm currently in Budapest, Hungary  
Raelene Cardone from Eugene, United States
Hi, I'm Raelene Cardone, 45  
I'm currently in Eugene, United States  
Jody Peckford from Toronto, Canada
Hi, I'm Jody Peckford, 31  
I'm currently in Toronto, Canada  
Kayla Reade from Calgary, Canada
Hi, I'm Kayla Reade, 28  
I'm currently in Calgary, Canada  
Krisztina Szabadkainé Vágó from Moscow, Russia
I'm currently in Moscow, Russia