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Miren Edurne from Sopelana, Spain
Hi, I'm Miren Edurne, 53  
I'm currently in Sopelana, Spain  
Ludmilla Tchernysheva from Moscow, Russia
I'm currently in Moscow, Russia  
Mia Bailey from Dronten, Netherlands
Hi, I'm Mia Bailey, 29  
I'm currently in Dronten, Netherlands  
Vanessa Newton New from Vienna, Austria
Hi, I'm Vanessa Newton New, 108  
I'm currently in Vienna, Austria  
Melissa La Fond from Fond du Lac, United States
Hi, I'm Melissa La Fond, 21  
I'm currently in Fond du Lac, United States  
Hilda Lopez from Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Hi, I'm Hilda Lopez, 64  
I'm currently in Bayamon, Puerto Rico (US)  
Vicki Grisko from New York, United States
Hi, I'm Vicki Grisko, 63  
I'm currently in New York, United States  
Debra Adams from Thunder Bay, Canada
Hi, I'm Debra Adams, 46  
I'm currently in Thunder Bay, Canada  
Beth Houghton from Salford, England
Hi, I'm Beth Houghton, 41  
I'm currently in Salford, England  
ΕΛΕΟΝΟΡΑ ΔΑΔΩΡΟΥ from Athens, Greece
I'm currently in Athens, Greece