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Catherine Murray from Antrim, Northern Ireland
Hi, I'm Catherine Murray, 70  
I'm currently in Antrim, Northern Ireland  
Pauline Goodwin from Kiwitea, New Zealand
Hi, I'm Pauline Goodwin, 60  
I'm currently in Wellington, New Zealand  
Jennifer Peppers from Calgary, Canada
Hi, I'm Jennifer Peppers, 41  
I'm currently in Calgary, Canada  
Greer Luxford from Farnborough, England
Hi, I'm Greer Luxford, 62  
I'm currently in Kings Hill, Kent, England  
Carrie Coleman from Spartanburg, United States
Hi, I'm Carrie Coleman, 41  
I'm currently in Spartanburg, United States  
Sara Silva from Lisbon, Portugal
Hi, I'm Sara Silva, 36  
I'm currently in Lisbon, Portugal  
Kondratyeva Marina from Chelny, Russia
Hi, I'm Kondratyeva Marina, 51  
I'm currently in Chelny, Russia  
Brie Willard from Brisbane, Australia
Hi, I'm Brie Willard, 31  
I'm currently in Brisbane, Australia  
Jane ****** from Perth, Australia
Hi, I'm Jane ******, 29  
I'm currently in Perth, Australia  
Skeepidee Dooda from Vienna, Austria
Hi, I'm Skeepidee Dooda, 54  
I'm currently in Vienna, Austria