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Vanessa Newton New from Vienna, Austria
Hi, I'm Vanessa Newton New, 108  
I'm currently in Vienna, Austria  
OndakiteHtml Cm from Cape Town, South Africa
Hi, I'm OndakiteHtml Cm, 47  
I'm currently in São Paulo, Brazil  
Ileana Monetti from Aveiro, Portugal
Hi, I'm Ileana Monetti, 30  
I'm currently in Aveiro, Portugal  
Tóth Enikő from Berettyóújfalu, Hungary
Hi, I'm Tóth Enikő, 37  
I'm currently in Berettyóújfalu, Hungary  
Alba Rodríguez from Santa Fe, Argentina
Hi, I'm Alba Rodríguez, 64  
I'm currently in Santa Fe, Argentina  
Fatemeh Malek from Weehawken, United States
Hi, I'm Fatemeh Malek, 26  
I'm currently in Weehawken, United States  
Niki Ho from Vienna, Austria
Hi, I'm Niki Ho, 30  
I'm currently in Vienna, Austria  
Tatiana Xxxxxxxxx from Camberley, England
Hi, I'm Tatiana Xxxxxxxxx, 50  
I'm currently in Camberley, England  
Kitana Tobisch from Perth, Australia
Hi, I'm Kitana Tobisch, 32  
I'm currently in Perth, Australia  
Luz Bislik from Oranjestad, Aruba
Hi, I'm Luz Bislik, 55  
I'm currently in Oranjestad, Aruba