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Sonia Dias from São Paulo, Brazil
Hi, I'm Sonia Dias, 45  
I'm currently in São Paulo, Brazil  
Jane Simor from The Hague, Netherlands
Hi, I'm Jane Simor, 59  
I'm currently in Jakarta, Indonesia  
Irina Yevstifeyeva from Vladimir, Russia
Hi, I'm Irina Yevstifeyeva, 47  
I'm currently in Vladimir, Russia  
Helen Chatz from Thessaloníki, Greece
Hi, I'm Helen Chatz, 27  
I'm currently in Thessaloníki, Greece  
Inna Kostrova from Kyiv, Ukraine
Hi, I'm Inna Kostrova, 24  
I'm currently in Kyiv, Ukraine  
Martina Fumagalli from Milan, Italy
Hi, I'm Martina Fumagalli, 29  
I'm currently in Milan, Italy  
Lindsay Bariani from Sacramento, United States
Hi, I'm Lindsay Bariani, 34  
I'm currently in Sacramento, United States  
Vargha Magdolna from Budapest, Hungary
Hi, I'm Vargha Magdolna, 59  
I'm currently in Budapest, Hungary  
Marta Sariego from Santiago, Chile
Hi, I'm Marta Sariego, 60  
I'm currently in Santiago, Chile  
Racquell Narducci from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Hi, I'm Racquell Narducci, 40  
I'm currently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil