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Xana Demy from Kyiv, Ukraine
Hi, I'm Xana Demy, 34  
I'm currently in Kyiv, Ukraine  
Ileana Monetti from Montevideo, Uruguay
Hi, I'm Ileana Monetti, 29  
I'm currently in Montevideo, Uruguay  
Britt-Marie Byström from Umeå, Sweden
Hi, I'm Britt-Marie Byström, 53  
I'm currently in Nordmaling, Sweden  
Carol McCook from Aalborg, Denmark
Hi, I'm Carol McCook, 47  
I'm currently in Aarhus, Denmark  
Aneta Najdanovska from Skopje, Macedonia
Hi, I'm Aneta Najdanovska, 50  
I'm currently in Skopje, Macedonia  
Angie S. from Lima, Peru
Hi, I'm Angie S., 30  
I'm currently in Lima, Peru  
Raksha Irachande from London, England
Hi, I'm Raksha Irachande, 37  
I'm currently in London, England  
Candice Pohlner from Brisbane, Australia
Hi, I'm Candice Pohlner, 29  
I'm currently in Brisbane, Australia  
Marlies Groenewold from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hi, I'm Marlies Groenewold, 31  
I'm currently in Amsterdam, Netherlands  
Cristhia Mayla Pelarin from Londrina, Brazil
I'm currently in Londrina, Brazil  
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