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Natascha Levi from London, England
Hi, I'm Natascha Levi, 68  
I'm currently in London, England  
Judith Ramadhan from Shinyanga, Tanzania
Hi, I'm Judith Ramadhan, 24  
I'm currently in Shinyanga, Tanzania  
Neza Hm from Belgrade, Serbia
Hi, I'm Neza Hm, 56  
I'm currently in Belgrade, Serbia  
Sarah Something from Charlotte, United States
Hi, I'm Sarah Something, 28  
I'm currently in Charlotte, United States  
KÁTIA mineirinha Uai from Salvador, Brazil
I'm currently in Salvador, Brazil  
Yulabelle Miller from Frontenac, United States
Hi, I'm Yulabelle Miller, 46  
I'm currently in Cancún, Mexico  
Lauren Bartello from Ottawa, Canada
Hi, I'm Lauren Bartello, 28  
I'm currently in Ottawa, Canada  
Faina Ivanova from Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Hi, I'm Faina Ivanova, 55  
I'm currently in Saint-Petersburg, Russia  
anastasiya kharkova from Kharkiv, Ukraine
Hi, I'm anastasiya kharkova, 38  
I'm currently in Kharkiv, Ukraine  
Lisa Desroches Howes from Kansas City, United States
Hi, I'm Lisa Desroches Howes, 48  
I'm currently in Kansas City, United States  
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