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Anna Jones from Houston, United States
Hi, I'm Anna Jones, 37  
I'm currently in Houston, United States  
Gulser Ahmed from Haskovo, Bulgaria
Hi, I'm Gulser Ahmed, 48  
I'm currently in Haskovo, Bulgaria  
Mena Mara from Timisoara, Romania
Hi, I'm Mena Mara, 39  
I'm currently in Timişoara, Romania  
Tina Gonzales from Bakersfield, United States
Hi, I'm Tina Gonzales, 45  
I'm currently in Bakersfield, United States  
Alisha Knight from Laindon, England
Hi, I'm Alisha Knight, 33  
I'm currently in Laindon, England  
Lyubov Galabova from Hiroshima, Japan
Hi, I'm Lyubov Galabova, 41  
I'm currently in Sofia, Bulgaria  
Daniela Hoffmann from Herzogenaurach, Germany
Hi, I'm Daniela Hoffmann, 31  
I'm currently in Herzogenaurach, Germany  
Michelle Holmes from Kodiak, United States
Hi, I'm Michelle Holmes, 46  
I'm currently in Kodiak, United States  
Kimberley Nicholl from Münster, Germany
Hi, I'm Kimberley Nicholl, 28  
I'm currently in Münster, Germany  
Larisa Semenenko from Sumy, Ukraine
Hi, I'm Larisa Semenenko, 54  
I'm currently in Sumy, Ukraine  
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