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Rose Baker 31, who lives in Chicago, United States
Rose's Personal Note
I am experienced with many animals. I cared for large animals such as cows, dogs, horses and sheep. Our family always raised chickens, ducks, cats and dogs. Several generations of my family tamed wild horses, trained race horses and kept horses for riding and show. No farm family would be completed without a good watch dog. Personally, my favorite pets are cats... I love cooking... I like a good Coffee and eat healthy food... I don't do drugs, and I like who I am.. Although I think a terrific man would bring out the best in me...I'm a believer in God and try to do the right things every day... Well i will like getting to know more about you and learn more about your kind of person too. i'm not a VIP member you can get back to me on my Yahoo IM [email protected]

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