Jerome Touze and Peter Ward came up with the idea of Where Are You Now? over a beer, after having backpacked around the world during their gap year. Having met lots of people without being able to keep in touch with them easily, they came up with the idea of being able to visualize where your friends are and allowing you to interact with them.
Jerome Co-founder
Originally from Marseille, France, Jerome decided to switch from bright sunshine to London's fog in order to enrol in a British university. He is now settled and never travels without a block of cheddar and marmite...

Peter Co-founder
Although his crazy experimental hair styles might suggest the opposite, Peter Ward has a keen head for business and has been an entrepreneur from an early age. Since the launch of WAYN he has switched off his phone and can only be found online.

Mike Co-founder
The "man with the plan". Mike Lines joined Jerome and Peter three months after the start of the WAYN adventure. Kept hidden away in Poland, this man is the tech-savvy behind the scenes developer WAYN could not do without.

Jerome and Peter

WAYN moved relatively quickly from the living rooms of Pete and Jerome's parents into a small office in Enfield and then more recently to London. Having invested so much into the ideas for site development a focused team of talented web developers in Poland steadily grew and now the Polish office has more staff than the London main base!

UK London, Barbican
Located in the heart of London, the office gets inspiration from the city's bustling community to provide the best and most exciting services to Wayners worldwide. Eleven of us are based there, brainstorming from dawn to dusk, and trying to launch the next trend to allow you to be a part of it first.

Poland, Szczecin
This team of 35 people actually make it happen. No task is too big for them and they are taking good care of you by ensuring that the services we provide remain top-notch and any problems you have are dealt with swiftly. They ensure the website is maintained as a safe and pleasant environment for users and get new services launched regularly on WAYN to increase your online fun!