Gujarat - A canvas white

Surreal and seemingly endless, the Rann of Kutch is a land of stark and luminous beauty, perhaps best witnessed during the annual Utsav.
Globetrotter: Tamara Moss
When she isn't walking the ramp, Tamara spends time working with orphans and cancer patients. She tells us about her travel escapades.

Hamlet On A Hill
Winding mountain paths, wild flowers peeping over the edges of uneven roads, the chirping of countless birds--if you haven't fallen in love with Kasauli already, we promise it won't take very much longer.

Blog - Himachal Pradesh

A short drive from Delhi to heaven: A window to the hill state.
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Celebrity Hotspots

Greece with Nida Mahmood

The popular designer Nida Mahmood talks about her time spent in Greece.

Italy with Manasi Joshi Roy
Manasi Joshi Roy is an actor and a popular TV star. Here she talks of what makes Italy so special.

Photo Essay

Exclusive photo-essays by the best travel photographers. Brilliant pictures that tell travel tales and take you on unforgettable journeys through exotic lands.
Tilt, Bangalore
Gastro pubs are the in-thing in Bangalore's right now and several new watering holes are aiming to be dining destinations as well. Tilt, recently opened, is cast in that mould.
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