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Sharine Antoine 27, who lives in St. George's, Grenada
Sharine's Personal Note
Y fuss over ppl who dont give a **** about u!!!!!! D powerful force n life is LOVE. D greatest asset n life is FAITH. D most important person n the world is "D Most High" ! Life is full of surprises but its d trials & tribulations that make us stronger . D Most High shall preserve me from all evil. Remember anything is possible if only u believe!! Im a strong minded, independant & willing individual. I live 4 d moment & can b very spontaneous at times.im always willing 2 listen & console, I respect ur beliefs, choices & ideas, making me a trustworthy & supportive force of any of ur decisions. Im caring & thoughtful when it comes 2 ur actions & expect d same in return. Its important that I maintain my individuality so that I can b d unique person that i am.

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