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3rd Sep 2013

want to visit the 7 churches in turkey. could you advise a reliable travel agency

Barış Demirhan from Ankara, Turkey Barış
Ets tour
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Mehmet Hun from Ankara, Turkey Mehmet
Best is ets tour but if you are 2 or 4 person i advise you take a private guide
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Mahmut Aslan from Alanya, Turkey Mahmut
actually there are many tours it depends on what u want of a tour?
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M. Rafi from Malaz, Turkey M.
Yes I can
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Ibrahim Demir from Ankara, Turkey Ibrahim
yes I can help you
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Nejat Akyay from Ankara, Turkey Nejat
I even do not know where these churches are. I think you should do this by yourself after finding the exact locations. I do not think travel agencies will be of much help, they will insist on taking you to different locations. After you find these churches with locations I could give you some advises.
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Seyfi Ertas from Bursa, Turkey Seyfi
yes lm working kuşadası wath can l do fro u
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Zekai C.Aslan from Fethiye, Turkey Zekai
Established seven churches in the Roman period ;Efes (Ephesos) (Selçuk),İzmir (Smyrna),Bergama (Pergamon),Salihli (Sardes),Alaşehir(Philadelphia),Denizli (Laodikeia),Akhisar (Thyateira). There so many Travel agancy for tour to 7 churches. But I don't know yet for which one is reliable. I will search for you...
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Necati Tuncer from İzmir, Turkey Necati
No intermediate travel agency needed. I am a professional
tour guide. 7 Churches are in the territory where I live. You can be my guest. Making Izmir your base you can visit within three days. Necati
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Mehmet Nuri Okatan from Konya, Turkey Mehmet Nuri
Jollytur,Ets tur,Setur,Anitur,Farmatur are reliable travel agencies in Turkey.
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Yucel Solmaz from Eskişehir, Turkey Yucel
my telephone 05462768200
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Vahap Yıldız from Rize, Turkey Vahap
Beautiful Bold, Türkiye'den selam. Rize'de yaşıyorum. Okul müdürüyüm. Rize'de kilise yoktur. Trabzon'da ki Meryem ana kilisesini gezeriz. Gürcistan bize yakın oraya giderek bir çok kiliseyi birlikte gezeriz. Görüşmek dileklerimle. Hoşçakal.

Beautiful Bold, greetings from Turkey. I'm in Rize. School manager. There is no church in Rize. Sail around the main church of the Virgin Mary in Trabzon. Georgia close to us going there with a lot of sail around the church. Discuss your wishes. Goodbye.
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Erdem Yengin from İzmir, Turkey Erdem
you can visit modanna church in izmir in ephesus. and also u can visit church in izmir in Kıbrıs Şehitleri caddesi. and also u can visit in Karşıyaka catholic church in izmir. in addition to visit alkdamar church in van in turkey.
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Selcuk Adnan Ural from Kadıköy, Turkey Selcuk Adnan
Joly Tour, Tura Turizm,
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Efe Kulüp from Antioch, Turkey Efe
of course
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Ismail Kilik from Manisa, Turkey Ismail
I can't advise any travel agency about churchs. But I can say Istanbul and Izmir you can find many churchs. Check that links and enjoy your travel.
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Fethkinfa Guler from Istanbul, Turkey Fethkinfa
hi, which churches you want to visit?
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Salih Kocaozlen from İzmir, Turkey Salih
İ dont know any goid travel agency you can do plan and you can visit all churches in turkey..sorry i cant help you about regards
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Neskimyafaruk Tepgeç from İzmir, Turkey Neskimyafaruk
I will help you in this regard
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ISMET AKYOL from Ankara, Turkey iSMET
Hi dear Bold I may advise you Asya Tur travel agebcy to visit 7 chucrhes in Turkey. Have a good tarvel...
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Osman Esendemir from Ankara, Turkey Osman
yes i can advise porto tourism from Ankara
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Mehmet Can Demir from Istanbul, Turkey Mehmet Can
Sorry I could not help you because I dont have information about travel agency
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Mustafa A. Sümerli from Ankara, Turkey Mustafa A.
yes later
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Celal Yahyabeyoglu from Dalyan, Turkey Celal
You can try Vip Tourism
Good luck
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Ibrahim Sekerciler from Acıbadem, Turkey Ibrahim
which churches do you want specifically
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Okan Özdemir from Ankara, Turkey Okan
Hello. I am already working in the software department of one of the best tourism company in Turkey. It is name is JollyTur. 0090-212-(444 0 644) is the call number of us. Our call center will help you. If you get any problem about contact please inform me. Have a nice travel :)
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Ufuk Karaaslan from Ankara, Turkey Ufuk
sorry me I do not know any agency.I do not like travel with agency.
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Bunyamin Ozturk from Turkey Bunyamin
semerşah turizm 0
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Erman Basol from Ankara, Turkey Erman
how old are you
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Burak Dirican from Ankara, Turkey Burak
try to find some agency from the net which located in Istanbul-Sultanahmet region or Beyoglu.
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Metin Orkun from Kayseri, Turkey Metin
Dont u nead ..just u go Van City and find local tour.
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Ýsyan ulas Sahiner from Çorlu, Turkey Ýsyan ulas
I think Oger tour will be for you cheap and reliable..
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Erdem Heral from Ankara, Turkey Erdem
dont know any agency organising church only tours :(
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Cabbar Umar from Adana, Turkey Cabbar
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Avedis Dido from Tekirdağ, Turkey Avedis
Karnak is an agency i used but i can check around.
I too want to visit similar places here in the near future.
write me more at [email protected] Avedis
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Namik Mengi from Istanbul, Turkey Namik
in Turkey or in Istanbul ???
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Gül Ghul from Istanbul, Turkey Gül,
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Atilla Ozkan from Turkey Atilla
i can help u whenever u want
u dont need travel agency .
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Yilmaz Serin from Istanbul, Turkey Yilmaz
Ok there are lots of travel agency on the internet..just look for "TURSAB" certificate member number on theirs can visit tursab`s web page for info..hope helps
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Cemal Yalçın Oyal from Eskişehir, Turkey Cemal Yalçın
oky help you any time you can call wait you soon to turkey,
have good time

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Mehmet Mehmet from İzmir, Turkey Mehmet
Setur tourism agency İstanbul
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Kerem Agacikoglu from Istanbul, Turkey Kerem
i actually dont depend on travel agencies but u need an agency to do this tour if you dont have your own vehicle.. but unfortunately i don't know any agencies doing such tour.. u should search for regional agencies i guess..
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Idris Farhan from Istanbul, Turkey Idris
well because i am from turkey so i usually traval without an agency therefore i cant help you on that but i am sure you fınd alot of them on the internet all can i say wellcome to turkey
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Tamer Ergin from Ankara, Turkey Tamer
..well..there r many beautiful and ancient church in Turkey an open musuem .. in istanbul..should visit Eifeiss ..
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Mustafa Mustafa from Afyonkarahisar, Turkey Mustafa
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Şerif Çetindağ from İzmir, Turkey Şerif
Sorry, i can't help. I have no idea.
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A. Faruk Sargin from İzmir, Turkey A. Faruk
Sorry being late. I am very busy. I advise you to contact Setur ( ). Either they will help you to see the churches or they will lead you an other good travel agency. You can call me anytime when you are in Turkey (mobile:+90 532 573 71 60). Have a nice trip. Kind regards.
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Wuslat ... from Mardin, Turkey Wuslat
I do not have more information on this issue .. sorry
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Avedis Dido from Tekirdağ, Turkey Avedis
May I suggest the internet you could google and then go from there. I to want to visit the Seven Churches,
Im from Istanbul we have many churches here I can be of help from that view point>
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