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11th Aug 2013

How is the weather? What time of the year is the best time to visit? What type of food is there and do they have Lobster?

Degen Agnew from Melbourne, Australia Degen
Which country are you in?
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David Luck from Campbelltown, Australia David
hello the weather is good winter here.the best time is summer.heaps of lobsters and sea food
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Suraj Gill from Waverton, Australia Suraj
Hiya ,its winter but Sydney never stops to put on a show wirh sunny days and temperature hovering around 20-23.

Food and produce is very fresh and at reasonable prices.

Lobster and all seafood is absolutely 1st class here

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Bill Andy from Sydney, Australia Bill
Weather is moderate compare to many other part of the world, however, northern part of Australia is much warmer than south. At the moment we are still in winter and spring will come soon in September it is the best time to stay in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. Summer begins in December, as of Jan and Feb are driest part of the season but people enjoyed most in summer as the most of festivals and major international sport competitions are on this time. There are varieties of food available in most part of the country as the country consists of more migrants from every continents of the world and they brought their cultures and traditional cuisines. You may find them interesting and enjoy those variety. As the country is surrounded by the sea you won't miss any kind of sea food that you like here in Australia.
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Bob Myatt from Woonona, Australia Bob
Australia is a big place and it depends where you want to go.If you head up to North Queensland it is very hot if you head to Tasmania it is very cold if you head to Sydney the weather is cool in winter and somewhat hot in summer. Yes plenty of lobster around the coastline of Australia, biggest ones in Tasmania that's because lobsters prefer cold water hope this helps.
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Imran Janjua from Perth, Australia Imran
Its winter here but not too cold . probably best time to visit.and yes u can get lobsters here. Plenty of sea food restaurants here.
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Andy Kao from Toowoomba, Australia Andy
It's winter here but recently get a bit hot in the day time. It's depend on if you like summer or winter. It's summer in December. The food is about the same as American. Australia do have lobster.
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Margaret Anne Anthony from Hawthorn, Australia margaret Anne
Dear Donna/dogheavengreen Moore, At the moment it is winter so it is cold in the Northern part of Australia (meaning Melbourne, Canberra NSW, and Tasmania. Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia are warm. The best time of the year to visit is March/April which is our Autumn. The weather seems to be settled in Autumn than in Spring which is September, October and November. We have good food, and there is a good variety of seafood available and we do have Lobster.
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David Applegate from Brisbane, Australia David
Weather is warn and sunny most of the year, best time is around septembver, it is start of srping here. Many food, meat, seafood, yes we have lobster and other sahell fish both fresh and salt water.
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Peter Thompson from Broadmeadows, Australia Peter
Hi..Weather at the present time is cool to cold as it is winter. Our summer (December - Feb) is the best time to visit tho some ppl may find it perhaps a little too warm. We have lots of food, meats, fish, prepared in all different forms from cultures all over the world and yes we have Lobster (Crayfish) shrimps, prawns and a very wide array of seafoods..Hope this helps and you have a great time should you visit :)
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Mitchell Clare from Sydney, Australia Mitchell
Hi Donna,

At present it is a little cool in the mornings, but the days are nice, around 20 C. Next month and October are a lot better, the days are a lot warmer
Best time to visit is probably March, after the summer, as January and February are pretty hot and humid.
Food is good, steaks are nice, not to expensive, yes their are plenty of lobsters. If coming to Sydney, go to the Fish markets are Pyrmont, you will have a nice meal. Also anywhere around the harbour is nice, their are plenty of restuarants and nice bars to relax. Also a lot of shopping.
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Valka Girshkin from Sydney, Australia Valka
I take it you mean Sydney..if you like it hot Jan-Feb is the best time. Oct-Nov is pleasantly warm. We are truly multi-cultural, when it comes to food you can find anything. Lots of Italian, Thai, Japanese, morden (mix), etc. And seafood here is the best in the world, so yes, there're plenty of lobsters.
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Godie Sinen from Sydney, Australia Godie
Bright & sunny. Best time would be around September thats when we have our Independence Day celebrations acroos the country....we have fresh garden produce to all sorts of sea food.
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John Menegus from Nelson Bay, Australia John
Weather is cool in the evenings for now. Although days are great. In a month, weather will be good. Oct Nov is good to visit.
So much choice of Food here. Anything you desire is available. Lobster is always available.
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Arbinder Singh from Sydney, Australia Arbinder
The weather in Australia is very erratic during winters (April - August) - very cold and rainy. If you like summers then Mid September - January is good but gets hot upto 44 degrees C. Australia is multi cultural so everything is available.
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Rob Unclebobs6 from Melbourne, Australia Rob
we are coming into springs almost but summer is the best time to be here is summer from september to march as it gets very hot good time for the beach & swimming... We have all kinds of foods available from all cultures. Yes we have lobster as well & many other seafoods too.
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Mark Peterson from Hobart, Australia Mark
fine and about 13 c in hobart best time to come is nov-march vary varied including fish Lobsteravailable nice to hear from you mark
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Fr Joseph Thomas from Sydney, Australia Fr Joseph
It is winter here in Australia now. Next month spring starts. Oct. Nov is good. Then summer. You can get all kinds of sea food including Lobster. bye the way how are you?
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Seraphim Fimmel from Melbourne, Australia Seraphim
Because Australia is a very large country, the climate can be different from one part to the other. The southern regions would be described as 'temperate', that is Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, but moving further north to Brisbane, and certainly further north to Townsville, Cairns and Darwin it is distinctly tropical weather. The best time to visit may be September/October, or March/April, when the weather is nice and mild, neither too hot nor cold...and yes, we definitely have Lobster.
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Tony Mehta from Australia Tony
I can only inform u about the state of queensland - the weather here is more or less tropical with mild winter from july to sept. its great to visit all the year round
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Diesel Jake from Brisbane, Australia Diesel
the weather is nice at the moment cosidering we are in the middle of winter, australia has all types of food, we are well known for the traditional BBQ, meat pies and lamb, yes we have lobster, the best time to visit depends on where you are wanting to visit here, usually around summer, december, january, february.
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Roque Dias from Sydney, Australia Roque
I live in Sydney at the moment the weather is good Sunny during the day and cooler at nights. Sept to Dec are good times to visit.All types of food from different countries are here and yes we do have Lobster.
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Colin j Boles from Brisbane, Australia Colin j
Good we have had a very mild winter it is 24deg to day !! spring as mid is October !!!
Much STEAK ,,,,,,BAKED DINNER ON SUNDAY ,,,( leg of lamb) ,,,,,,,Plenty of seafood consumed ,,,,,, & LOBSTER , is for sale even in supermarkets !!! LIKE TO SEE YOU HERE ! COME ENJOY ! u are WELCOME ,,,,, muaahh Colin.
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Graeme Smith from Sunbury, Australia Graeme
bit cold at the moment it`s the end of winter visit mid august to mid march and yes u can get all seafoods
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Dean Henderson from Melbourne, Australia Dean
Hi at the moment the weather is terrible, personally the best time of year to visit would definitely be summer December-February. As far as food goes here it is very diverse it all depends on where you are staying though. Yes we definitely do have lobster! :)
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Jeffrey Wooding from Melbourne, Australia Jeffrey
The weather depends where you are in Australia. Melbourne today is cool, windy and a chance of a shower. Best time of year varies across the country from the temperate south to the tropical north. For Melbourne it is around March/April or October/November. As for food - you name it, we've got it and yes, we certainly have lobster.
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Shireen Shoaib from Sydney, Australia Shireen
Right now in Sidney we are coming towards the end of winter, so the weather is a little unpredictable. Will start to warm up towards the end of September. Spring / early summer is the best time. Which means Sept through to Dec is great weather. Throughout Australia you will find food from all over the world and yes Lobster is available, though it can be somewhat expensive.
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Terry Archbold from Bellbird, Australia Terry
any time now the weather is good, all type of food, lots of fresh produce and yes we have lots of lobsters
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Brian Cleary from Melbourne, Australia Brian
The weather is ok at the moment and getting better next month. Summer is best..December and January. We have all types of food ...all nationalities and Lobster !
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Brian Tek from Mintabie, Australia Brian
Weather allways be nice. Best time I think Christmans and new years time (its summer). Many tape food is incloded Lobsters also.
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Colin Walker from Kandos, Australia Colin
Hi . Where just in the last month of winter now .From October to march is good weather its spring going into summer .We have all kinds of food from seafood to all kinds of meat You can get just about any kind of food here .
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Rhys Rogers from Mintabie, Australia Rhys
The best time to visit Australia will depend on what you like to do, want to see and where you want to visit. If you want sub tropical weather but don't want humid weather then July August September is the time for Queensland Western Australia and the Northern Territory. If you want to ski and don't mind colder weather then July August in southern New South Wales and Victoria. The food is cosmopolitan and yes there is lobster.
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Belinda Alcott from Kandos, Australia Belinda
the best time is from oct to april and we have all types of food including lobster
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Petey Ov from New Town, Australia Petey
We are in Winter so right now we get sun, rain, wind and it is random. Most of the day today was sun. Yes Lobster is here but exspensive, the food is what youwant it to be. I go heavy nutrition food like Thai, Mexican, Japanese etc.

It is well!
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Christian Tanks from Parkes, Australia Christian
fine weather, just at the end of winter coming into spring, yes we do have lobster
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Ric Peters from Sydney, Australia Ric
hello there. the weather has been great this winter, usually around 20 degrees celcius in the day. if you like sun, sand and whatever else then the best time to visit is dec to feb and ofcourse we have the best seafood selection here!
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Bobby Shankaran from Brisbane, Australia Bobby
hi ,,weather is great ,,just getting over our winter which is not very cold for to long ,, food, all kinds of food ,, heaps of Lobsters :)
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Pete Skywalker from Caloundra, Australia Pete
The weather is very good. It is similar to that of Florida. I think the best time to visit is October to April (not during winter, although it doesn't get that cold). All types of food, seafood, steak, italian, hamburgers, anything really. You can get lobster but it is a bit more expensive than other foods.
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Valentine Gibson from Footscray, Australia Valentine
1) Weather is cold at the moment. Spring starts on the 1st of September.
2) The best time to visit is during November, December and January. Summer starts on the 1st of December.
3) Australia especially Melbourne is very Multi Cultural and you can get any type of food you want and likethrough out the year. As for Lobster it is always available.
Kind regards
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Paul Chapman from Adelaide, Australia Paul
the weather is to good for 9 months if you like the sun best to come December,jan,feb this is the oz summer,food here is similar to uk and America,and fish is available all year speak soon
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Mark Smith from Syndal, Australia Mark
Weather is very nice. Best time of year is september to november, and february to april. YES !! We have lobster. And much nicer seafood I think such as Moreton bay bugs.
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Ahmed Chehade from Melbourne, Australia Ahmed
Australia number one all time
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Syd R Syd
good, october- march are good sumer times to visit, everything yes we & also crayfish
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Rick Hixon from Brisbane, Australia Rick
Hi, the weather is cool at the moment around 25 C during the day, the best time to visit is either Autum ( March - May) or Spring ( Sept - Nov ). There is ant type of food you want. We have all types of shell fish and crustaceans in the sea. You will have a great time. :)
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Ian Pilcher from Sydney, Australia Ian
Summer is from Decenber til end Feb and the warmest time for the East coast from Brisbane down to Melbourne. My favorite time of year is March/April. Not so hot but still around 26 C ind Sydney without the heavy rain we often get in Dec/Jan. If you're traveling North of Brisbane it's pretty tropical and best from April - Auugust ..... Great Barrier Reef, Darwin etc. Hope this a help. You'll love it here. Regards, Ian
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Kathryn Marmara-Stewart from Melbourne, Australia Kathryn
We are almost at the end of Winter, with Spring only days away. So the weather is getting nicer.

It really depends on what you are interested in doing whilst here... Summer (December- February) is a great time to experience some of the beautiful beaches etc.,

Yes we do have Lobster here in Australia. We have a large mix of foods, as there is a very large Multicultural population. (Chinese, Greek, USA, Italian and so on) It's really not to different to what you'd find in the USA.

I hope this is of some help :) Enjoy your travels.
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Senani Gunasekera from Seven Hills, Australia Senani
The weather is great. Depends on what you like. Cold weather now is the time to visit. If you like the hot beach weather you should come in December. Does Australia have Lobster?? Absolutely. Give it in any which way you like.. Ha..Ha..
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Jeffrey Kelly from Forster, Australia Jeffrey
Hi Donna, Depends on what you like to do.I'm 300's north of Sydney on the coast, the coldest it get's here is about 15c in winter and rarely gets over 30 in summer and yes we have lobster.Regards, Jeff.
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Kathy Marychurch from Eudunda, Australia Kathy
hi its spring almost summer best time is summer nice and hot all types of food yes they have lobster
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