Lahore, Pakistan  

Nadeem Inayat  added a tip about Lahore, Pakistan
26th Jan 2012

Lahore have its charm in almost all the areas. Historically, Minare Pakistan, Badshahi Masjid, Shahi Qilah.
Food is the specialty of Lahore. You'll find it here. Lakshami, Food Street (old Anar Kali), Fish, Fast Food you just name it.
Many places for fun such as Race Course Park, Zoo, Cinema with 3D Technology, Gaming Parks (Joyland etc.). I'd say that the Lahore city is a place that you should visit.
And for staying, there are many hotels (Luxurious: Pearl Continental, Avari; Normal: Sovoye etc.) there are many actually so just not to worry about anything...
Hope it'll brief you a lot or you can ask for any more information.