Tbilisi, Georgia  

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3rd Dec 2011

Geogria is the Oldest Europian Country with old traditions:)

Dino Michel from Kursk, Russia Dino
yes - its amazing, i am having a good time here
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Giorgi Berishvili from Tbilisi, Georgia Giorgi Replied to Dino's comment
The Non-profit Tourist organization Tourist Houses Offer all Travelers Non-profit full services over all territory of Georgia for additional information you can check it website www.touristhouses.org
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Yi Zee from Hamilton, Bermuda Yi
Georg ins NOT located ini Europe ... Georgia likes to say that because what other association do they have that people have heard of. If Turkey is partly ini Europe and partly in Asia, then logicaaly, geographically, Georgia is not inEurope
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Kakha Gvarliani from Tbilisi, Georgia Kakha Replied to Yi's comment
Georgia is not in Europe or Asia. It is on the border between the two continents. It has a very important geographical location, it is a corridor between Europe and Asia. Georgian Character of the European and Asian elements.
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