Daniela Kroeger  added a question about Cape Verde
12th Sep 2011

Wich is the best island to live?

Belmiro Gomes from Cape Verde Belmiro
All of them is better to live
to rest you have sa,l sto antao, boavista, brava ,fogo and s.nicolau islands
for business
Sao Vicente e Santiago Islands
Food for us is very good and insurances is well in my point of view.
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Carlos Lima from Mindelo, Cape Verde Carlos
the best is s.antao
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Fabrizio C. from Estoril, Portugal Fabrizio
Definitely São Vicente !
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Domingos Rocha from Cacém, Portugal Domingos
It's depends on what you do. If you want fun, going to the night, s. vicente is the best; if you like a quiet stay and beachs, Boavista and Maio is the best destination; if you are a business woman than Santiago (Praia) is the center and the heart of cape vert; if you like mountains Fogo and santo Antão; Mountain and Flowers and nice people S. Nicolau and Brava
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Spencer The Dutch Guy from Rotterdam, Netherlands Spencer
A deserted one
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