Lottie Cox  added a tip about Wales
23rd Aug 2008

Coed de brennin, i think thats how you spell it howeveri couldnt realy read the sign properly.

Its basically a mountain with different courses, depending on how adventurous your feeling, i went on the yellow track, it was amazing , not only is it a great day out for anyone, with steep falls its sure to get your hearts pumping and your adrenalin rushing, its definitely something id recommended for those who like to be active. If not then there are like i said easier courses so you can enjoy the fresh are and beautiful scenery, Also , I'm not sure quite where abouts on the course it is,but there is a gawjuss waterfall thats great to just chill and eat.
Id give it a high rating because iv been 3 times and it just gets better, your skills on the bike quickly improve meaning you will enjoy the courses more and more each time and hopefully become more daring :)

Laradji Hamada from Sidi Bel Abbès, Algeria Laradji
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