Mary Payton  added a tip about Aruba
19th Aug 2008

We stayed at the Marriott Surf Club, we lost our camera at the nature bridge gift shop. The native Aruban were very unfriendly and rude. Only the people from other Caribbean islands and South America that worked in the hotels and restaurants friendly. Nice island, but they need to change their Motto: "One happy Island", the people do not appear to be happy.

Marcia Dirks from Aruba Marcia
I am sorry you were not happy in Aruba. I previously worked at the resort you stayed at and I can assure you that if this is true a lot has changed since I left in 2006. The motto for Marriott is Guest is number 1 and every single associate is in cha
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Lucio R. Croes from Aruba Lucio R.
Maybe you are right......
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