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Lovely 's question
25th Jul 2011


Roshan Wijerathna from Colombo, Sri Lanka Roshan
hi hw r u?
25th Jul 2011 · Kemostar like this · Like · Reply
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Chawla Narendra from Jaipur, India Chawla
hello how r u
13th Jan 2014 · Like · Reply
Manish Tank from Meerut, India Manish
Happy valentine's day
14th Feb 2014 · Like · Reply
Vijay Kale from Pune, India Vijay
Hi how r u. where r u from.?
1st Apr 2014 · Like · Reply
Kevin 's question
22nd Aug 2011

if all the women there hav shaved pussy?

Cy Bolinger from San José, Costa Rica Cy
Go there and check it out. Should be fun...
22nd Aug 2011 · Pramod and The like this · Like · Reply
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Ali Tassaddi from Sabzevār, Iran Ali
Whats shaved?
23rd Jan 2014 · Like · Reply
Gaju Wagh from Delhi, India Gaju
6th Feb 2014 · Like · Reply
Imre Seprenyi from Gyula, Hungary Imre
Az jó !!
10th Apr 2014 · Like · Reply
Mahmoud 's question
17th Aug 2011

i wish to go there with a sweet woman :)

Aurora Monica from Amman, Jordan Aurora
ha ha ha ARABS IN A NUDIST BEACH??????????better sit at home
17th Aug 2011 · Ahmed and Imran like this · Like · Reply
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Lilli Werstler from Ahlen, Germany Lilli
Fella's People dont go to Nudist beaches to get turned on. They go there because it is a very freeing experience.
30th Mar 2013 · Arun, Chawla and Sherif like this · Like · Reply
Kelli Owen from Los Alamos, United States Kelli Replied to Lilli's answer
Sorry Lilli but if you don't think a man gets turned on by a woman's nude body then you're nuts and women do go there knowing they will turn men on.
2nd Sep 2013 · 4 people like this · Like · Reply
Gaju Wagh from Delhi, India Gaju
6th Feb 2014 · Like · Reply
Raghu 's tip  (with reference to Beach outings, IT)
6th Dec 2011

I surely wl tell u none of u look at a naked women at a beach from head to toe. u wl not like it when a man or a woman is nude, it is ugly. A man or a owman looks sexy when they are scantily dressed or if there is some cloth.... I hv been to the beach & i know it sucks to see some one totally nude.....

Raajendra Kanfade from Nāgpur, India Raajendra
My dear friend when a man or woman is naked he/she is most beautiful and not ugly.
It is the attitude and mental status of the person looking at them.
Many believe that, man or women wears the clothes not for protection from atmospheric pollutants ( dust, bacteria, excessive sun, wind, cold, hot etc.) but for concealing the flaws in them ( or following blindly fashion promoted by money makers.)
Satyam Shivam Sundaram meaning is: What is true that is noble, what is noble that is beauty.
As for as looking sexy is concerned it also relate to the mental status of the spectator.
6th Dec 2011 · Analyn and Raajendra like this · Like
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Virendra Tiwari from Kānpur, India Virendra Replied to Raghu's comment
yes you right
7th Nov 2012 · Ranjith like this · Like
James Kol from Sydney, Australia James
I agree with you Raghu
2nd May 2013 · Like
Raghu Raman from Bangalore, India Raghu Replied to James' comment
thanks buddy, what do u do for a living mate?
3rd May 2013 · James like this · Like
Kick 's tip
6th Apr 2013

Very nice beaches in the area of Zeeland (Schouwen duiveland) The Netherlands

Victoria Victoria from Braşov, Romania Victoria
! !????
17th Nov 2013 · Like
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Vess Col from Belgrade, Serbia Vess
Indeed ,beautiful part of Netherlands
23rd Mar 2014 · Like
Maria Braz from Sintra, Portugal Maria
I believe it! but you must know the beaches here in Portugal!
Have a great time!
9th Apr 2014 · Like
Bhesham1 Balawi from Toronto, Canada Bhesham1
thank you
12th Apr 2014 · Like
Celia 's question
5th Dec 2011

Any good suggestion to find a nudist beach in Europe?

Gordon Bl from Brisbane, Australia Gordon
Try some of these or try goole and look for a beach near where you want to go.

Hope this helps


6th Dec 2011 · Like · Reply
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Djeffal Ahcene from Algiers, Algeria Djeffal
these beaches are not for you dear!!
7th Sep 2013 · Like · Reply
Gaju Wagh from Delhi, India Gaju
6th Feb 2014 · Like · Reply
Imre Seprenyi from Gyula, Hungary Imre
Kellemes élmény lehet
10th Apr 2014 · Like · Reply
Elaine 's question
17th Dec 2011

Where is that place?

Amzi Matt from Singapore Amzi
spain, greece, romania famous nudist beach.
30th Dec 2011 · Like · Reply
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Samel Sudan from Dubai, United Arab Emirates Samel
I will come with u.
24th Aug 2013 · Like · Reply
Elaine Penaranda from Manila, Philippines Elaine
thanks Samel
3rd Sep 2013 · Like · Reply
Gaju Wagh from Delhi, India Gaju
6th Feb 2014 · Like · Reply
Raj 's tip
29th Mar 2011

hi , like & go

Gamini Senevirathne from Kandy, Sri Lanka Gamini
really.. ????
14th Sep 2011 · Like
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Mahmoud Alkhateeb from Amman, Jordan Mahmoud
i like but am staying
22nd Sep 2012 · Like
Saeed Mohmad from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Saeed
انا في خدمتك
20th Nov 2012 · Like
Naseer Mattela Valappil from Cochin, India Naseer Mattela
I will come with u.
14th Dec 2012 · Like
Ibrahim 's question
24th Jul 2011

where this beech ?

Peter Shortus from Millthorpe, Australia Peter
No idea, but the clear water looks very inviting...
24th Jul 2011 · Like · Reply
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Makan Aala from Tehrān, Iran Makan
The island is in the Interior of Spain
12th May 2012 · Like · Reply
Goh Goh from George Town, Malaysia Goh
toilet, it will better4 u. Prohibit 4 Islam.
22nd Sep 2012 · Yanthi like this · Like · Reply
Gaju Wagh from Delhi, India Gaju
6th Feb 2014 · Like · Reply
Kenneth 's tip
6th May 2011

anyone knw a plac lik this

Khaled Jwad from Bi’r Umm al Iḩnāsh, Yemen Khaled
yes in my country long beaches and empty
11th May 2011 · Like
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Khaled Jwad from Bi’r Umm al Iḩnāsh, Yemen Khaled
will u be alone or with someone ? ;)
6th Jun 2011 · Like
Kenneth Kaya from Delhi, India Kenneth Replied to May's comment
ya just wanna try once in a life tim
28th Jun 2011 · Like
Akram Zrieq from Damascus, Syria Akram
Yes I know a place like this " The English garden in Germany-Munchen ".
21st Dec 2011 · Like