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Ania 's question
12th Feb 2014

What e-reader would you recommend?

Lika Va from Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine Lika
Hi Ania! "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman, It's a good short book about relationships and love
12th Feb 2014 · Yulabelle, Feeling and Nargis like this · Like · Reply
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Neil Smith from Fareham, England Neil
An iPad or iPhone or a Kindle
12th Mar 2014 · Like · Reply
Aporosa Rageci from Veyrier, Switzerland Aporosa
I have heard great things about the Kindle app.
13th Mar 2014 · Like · Reply
Aleksander Aleksander from Ljubljana, Slovenia Aleksander
dr.Pearll recoonected
31st Mar 2014 · Like · Reply
Dina 's tip
16th Sep 2011

I just finished reading the book "The Pillars of the Earth". from Ken Follett.
Dear fans of books,
You must read this book.

Ammar Sharoobah from Muscat, Oman Ammar
you soo good i see that book it's oky>>>>
22nd Sep 2011 · Like
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Paul DeWeese from Scottsbluff, United States Paul
Excellent book and series
13th Feb 2014 · Like
Craig Duysen from Las Cruces, United States Craig
Now you must read "world without ends" the sequel.
21st Feb 2014 · Like
Eric Savory from London, Canada Eric
I am about halfway through and you are right it is great!
22nd Feb 2014 · Like
Thess 's question
7th Nov 2011

This is me .. always tring fix everything and make other people happy... but at the end of trying I'm still unhappy. So I'm not giving up I'm jus gonna make myself happy for once.

Thess Naval from Koronadal, Philippines Thess
Thanks for ur understanding but some her misunderstood me of my way. I really like share tips but some here telling me that im just seeking for sympathy....
7th Nov 2011 · Yollie like this · Like · Reply
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Kapil Kharat from Pune, India Kapil
There are two dates mention on a tomb·stone and a dash (A punctuation mark) in between, and what matters is the DASH. Make best of your life.
18th Jul 2013 · Like · Reply
Bernhard Janssen from Zeeland, Netherlands Bernhard
Try Always to stay and be who you are and never let people try to walk over you do what you want because we only live ones !
12th Feb 2014 · Like · Reply
Marion Palmieri from South Africa, South Africa Marion
That is the true dont waste enegy on people who dont care
18th Feb 2014 · Like · Reply
Sue 's tip
2nd Jun 2011

if im reading a good book im deaf to everything around me

Rajendran Dorarajoo from Singapore, Singapore Rajendran
What's the last book title that you read makes you feel that way ?
21st Jun 2011 · Like
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Mohammed Al Hebah from Şanā’, Yemen mohammed Al
don't forget eating
10th Dec 2012 · Like
Dweepika Karen from Vellore, India Dweepika
5th Jan 2013 · Like
Aina Soffiah from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Aina
Unfortunately I am not only deaf but travelling to the place where the story begins...
11th Sep 2013 · Like
Safura 's tip
28th Jun 2011

i love to read romantic,educative and dedective books

Fiona Yeh from Chongqing, China Fiona
wow, thats cooooool
29th Jun 2011 · Like
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Digvijay Baghel from Bhopāl, India Digvijay
The Power is the ultimate book for you sweet heart keep reading ;)
13th Jan 2012 · Like
Mohammed Al Hebah from Şanā’, Yemen mohammed Al
what about horror books
10th Dec 2012 · Like
Atif Ali from Lahore, Pakistan Atif
your favorit romantic book ..?
6th Dec 2013 · Like
Lusiana E. 's question  (with reference to IT)
20th Oct 2011

i like to read everything, and i like to read local tale from another country. If there is a local tale with the local language, i love it. Cause i want to learn it. Specially from India tales or Turkey. Where is i can find it?

Saibabu Burra from Hyderābād, India Saibabu
there are so many web sites about indian short stories or mail me [email protected]
21st Oct 2011 · Like · Reply
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Atif Ali from Lahore, Pakistan Atif
for this you have to learn local language as well
6th Dec 2013 · Like · Reply
Jeffrey A. Ackerman from Gardiner, United States Jeffrey A.
"The River Sutra" by Gita Mehta. Not sure her name is spelled correctly, but I was astounded by the quality and transported by the tales.
12th Feb 2014 · Like · Reply
Jeffrey A. Ackerman from Gardiner, United States Jeffrey A.
I bet you would love the book "White Man's Grave" by Norman Rush. It's a captivating tale of Sierra Leone.
12th Feb 2014 · Like · Reply
Tania 's tip
27th Aug 2012

the book " Roots" its a true story and i felt i was living with the people in the book

Sunil Narang from Bangalore, India Sunil
wonderful realization tania
13th Sep 2012 · Like
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Atif Ali from Lahore, Pakistan Atif
TANIA whats the story Roots is about ? i have seen movie roots as well which is about black community under white domination socity .is it the same story you talk about
6th Dec 2013 · Like
Tania Karunaratne from Colombo, Sri Lanka Tania Replied to Atif's comment
yes its the same story but the book is more effective than the film should read the book
9th Dec 2013 · Ceoanisha like this · Like
Ceoanisha Johnpeter from Chennai, India Ceoanisha
Where can I get this book?
12th Dec 2013 · Like
Mohamed Said 's question  (with reference to Learning English)
14th Oct 2011

is there any one that can tell me the easiest way i that can improve the learning english language?

Rudi Setiadi from Jakarta, Indonesia Rudi
Talking directly with people who speak English
14th Oct 2011 · Like · Reply
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Mohammed Al Hebah from Şanā’, Yemen mohammed Al
read more and more loudly
10th Dec 2012 · Emerson like this · Like · Reply
Atif Ali from Lahore, Pakistan Atif
the easiest way is to communicate with perosn who is good in speaking and writing in english ...
6th Dec 2013 · Like · Reply
ArdetteD2 Dorsett from Montréal, Canada ardetteD2
Watch English T.V. SitComs are the best because they are funny and contain lots of expressions people use every day. Good luck.
13th Feb 2014 · Emerson like this · Like · Reply
Mohamed Said 's question  (with reference to Computer, Video Games)
7th Nov 2011

would you tell me which is good reading for books or reading the lesson on the computer screan?

Isadora Vera Cruz from Trapiche, Philippines Isadora
i still prefer to read books rather than in front of a computer
23rd Nov 2011 · Like · Reply
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Vipul Musani from Morbi, India Vipul
Well reading books beats the computer screen, but if u wish to listen to the story u can always use headphones with the screen
6th Jun 2013 · Like · Reply
Myra Jamon from Manila, Philippines Myra
reading books is better...just feels lovely turning the pages of a book..
7th Jun 2013 · Mohamad like this · Like · Reply
Atif Ali from Lahore, Pakistan Atif
Yes i endorse Myra..that reading books phisically is better tahn read on computer.turnin the pages and touching the books give pleasure
6th Dec 2013 · Like · Reply
Dil 's question
13th Sep 2011

talk about the books

Dil Gurung from Kathmandu, Nepal Dil
Hey, there, I never read that kind of book in my life, enjoy yourself to read book.
15th Sep 2011 · Like · Reply
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Kate Hussein from Westerville, United States Kate
My favorite is Bel Canto about a group of terrorists who crash a party only to find the person they wanted was not in attendance. The interactions and relationships that unfold between this unlikely mix is fascinating!
31st May 2012 · Dil and Banty like this · Like · Reply
Banty Nigam from Ahmadābād, India Banty Replied to Kate's answer
Is it in English?
24th Jul 2012 · Like · Reply
Dil Gurung from Kathmandu, Nepal Dil
@ Kate !!!!!!! this story seems interesting.
25th Jul 2012 · Like · Reply